Line work - many foreign nationals are working, NO experienced welcome! [Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture]

N4 or Basic Conversation
Wages 1,380+ yen hourly wages
Training Period 1,380+ yen hourly wages
Place Akashi City, Hyogo
5 minutes by walk from hayashisakimatsuekaigann
15 minutes by walk from Nishi-Akashi

Job detail

Job Category

Line work (assembly)

Job Description

You can do it even if you are inexperienced! Many foreigners are also working!
▼ Recommended points ・ Weekly and daily payments ・ Transportation expenses paid!・ Free dormitory fee (Takasago dormitory) ・ Inexperienced manufacturing ・ There is an employee cafeteria [Business description] You will be in charge of assembling the body of a motorcycle (motorcycle) as an assembly line work.・ Screw tightening using an electric screwdriver ・ Fitting of parts ・ Supply of parts to each line ・ Shipping packaging for completed motorcycles

Why work with us (Benefits/Other Advantages)

Uniform provided

Employment Insurance provided

Social Insurance provided

Compensation Insurance provided

Air conditioning available

Fully furnished dormitories for employees available

Long holidays possible

Those with no experience welcomed

Nationality not questioned

A place where many foreign people are working

There is a rest space

There is a smoking area

Job offer posted


Job offer expiration


More Info

Working hours

Shift work between

08:00 am - 05:00 pm

flexible shifts

Minimum Working hours per week

More than 8 hours/day, 5 days/week

Maximum Working Hours Per Week

No more than 8 hours/day, 5 days/week


Extreme hair color NOT accepted

Extreme hair style NOT accepted

Tattoos are NOT allowed

You need to carry heavy things

Those who have backaches are NOT allowed

You need to stand all the time

Overtime is required

Minimum Japanese Skill

N4 or Basic Conversation

Visa Permanent Resident
Spouse or Child of Japanese Nationals
Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident
Long-term Resident
Japanese Citizen
Transportation expenses

Fully paid

Company Name


Employment contract type

haken worker, Temporary 2 month/s

Employment Probation period


Break included (contract)


Holiday included (contract)


Overtime possible (contract)


Social insurance (contract)



Work location

Kawasakichou, Akashi City, Hyogo
5 minutes by walk from hayashisakimatsuekaigann
15 minutes by walk from Nishi-Akashi

Work location